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The RoboJackets is a group of Georgia Tech students, faculty, and alumni. We want to spread the knowledge of robotics to GT students.

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We compete in several robotics competitions, with robots ranging from small, autonomous soccer players to large, human operated machines.

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It's easy-- no experience required. We'll teach you everything you need to know. What are you waiting for? Join us.

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RoboJackets IARRC in Waterloo, Canada

July 26, 2015 12:06 am | By AhmedM

The IARRC team of the Georgia Tech RoboJackets had a blast competing in the International Autonomous Robot Racing Challenge in Waterloo, Canada. The competition was comprised of 3 events: an autonomous drag race, and autonomous circuit race, and a design presentation. The RoboJackets came in 4th overall in the competition, and walked away with a judges award for “Best Mechanical Design.”

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IGVC Team Competes in Rochester, MI

June 13, 2015 11:42 am | By Orlin Velev

The RoboJackets’ Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition team and their robot Mistii recently attended competition at Oakland University in Rochester Michigan from June 5-8. Mistii, a 3 wheeled, 300lb autonomous vehicle, contended with adverse weather conditions and muddy terrain over the four days of the event. The team was ultimately unable to qualify on the track but came closer to their goal than in the previous two years. The object of the competition is to create and program a robot that can navigate an outdoor obstacle course comprised of barrels, painted lines, and gps waypoints without any human assistance. More information can be found at www.igvc.org

IGVC 2015 Group Photo

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Election Results

April 8, 2015 10:36 pm | By Chelsea Silberglied

Congratulations to the new RoboJackets officers for Fiscal Year 2016:

Matt Barulic

Vice President:
Orlin Velev

Ahmed Mansour

Public Relations Chair:
Carissa Fernandez

Ransomed Adebayo

Shop Manager:
Daniel Choi


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BattleBots at RoboGames 2015 – Results

10:25 pm | By Chelsea Silberglied

At the RoboGames international robot competition in San Francisco, California, RoboJackets’ BattleBots team  successfully defeated Heavy Metal using our horizontal spinning drum BattleBot, Mandii . Unfortunately, we were knocked out of the tournament by the highly destructive robot Touro created by RioBotz, a team from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In addition, our Sumo bot took 4th place overall in the 3 kg R/C class and we were officially invited to the “International Robot Sumo Tournament 2015″ held in December in Tokyo, Japan.


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